Paros 2018

Day 1
Today our journey started at 2.30am in Kaiserwald. We went by bus to Ancona (Italy). There we walked into the city and had an ice cream for breakfast. After a while we entered the ferry. On the deck we enjoyed a small snack. On the ship was a pool where we took a bath. In the evening we ate dinner and Julian, Bernd and I played UNO. On the ship were also a lot  slovenian teenager who made there prom trip. So they made the ferry to a party boat- loud music 24/7. At 10pm Chrisi and I went to our cabines. - Julian-
Day 2
We woke up realy late because we hadn't anything to do. We were still on the same ferry. The teens contin the party from yesterday and we felt the music with them?? Three hours later we lost the ferry in Patras (Griechenland) und than we went to Athen by bus. When we came on in Athen the ferry was already at the habor  and we could go on. We were four house on the boat and there we could enjoy the really nice sunset. At 10:30 pm we arrived the habor in Paros were Basti was waiting for us. We came to Bernds house at 11 pm and befor we had dinner Christoph, Basti and I jumped into the pool. After that we set down all together and ate spaghetti. -Julian-
Day 3
Today we woke up at 8:30am and had our first training at 9 o‘clock. After the training we all went into the pool to cool down. After we had breakfast. We didn‘t go to the kite beach because there was no wind. That‘s why we stayed at the pool and enjoyed the sun.  In the afternoon the older ones (Luki, Carmen, Laura and Basti)went biking and juli chrisi and I played a game at/in the pool. In the evening we had Dinner and After we watched the moon rise? -Lisa-
Day 4
After the first breakfast we did our trainings session. At 10am Bernd, Conny and Uschi joined us during second breakfast?. Then we jumped straight into the pool. At 12am we went to the kite school by car?. Lisa, Julian and I had our first lessons, but we had to stop because there was no wind anymore. Luckily the wind came back soon so our pros could kite. We watched them enthusiastically. About 6pm we returned to Bernd's house. We went into the pool once again and enjoyed dinner. We also ate cake because of Laura's birthday? -Christoph-
Day 5
We ate our first breakfast at 7 o'clock after that we had a training session. After that we ate our second breakfast and then we went to the paroskitebeach by car, where we had our second lesson. It was hot but very funny because we learned to controll the kite. After that we were able to fly a small kite from Bernd. It was the smallest kite I have ever seen. At 8 o'clock we had dinner then we felt in our beds because the training was hard. -Julian-
Day 6
As every day the first training started at 7 o‘clock. After the training we had our second breakfast then we went by car to the kite beach where juli Christoph and I had our third kite lessons. We drove back home at 6 o‘clock and jumped into the pool. After that we had Dinner and a good friend  of bernd joined us later. He also brought his cute dog with him. -Lisa-
Day 7
On our 7th day we only had one breakfast because we stayed at the kite-beach from 9am to 6pm. Unfortunately there was not enough wind for kite surfing so we chilled at the beach. In the afternoon the wind came back and Julian and I were able to do a lesson with our trainer. We practiced controlling the kite and drove the first 50 meters with the board. In the evening we enjoyed dinner and Basti's parents visited us, because they spent their last night in Paros. -Christoph-
Day 8
Today we were allowed to sleep longer then the last days because there was no wind that we couldn`t go to the kite beach. That's why Basti, Chrissi, Carmen, Laura, Lisa and I visited the beach of Santa Maria. It was wonderful. We relaxed and heard music or we played volleyball all together. We enjoyed there but then we still went to the kite beach because the wind was coming. At 19:25 we picked Matthäus from the airport and went home by car. There we had a delicious dinner with icecream as dessert. -Julian-
Day 9
The training today started at 7 o‘clock. It lasted about one and a half hour.  Then we had breakfast after that we went straight to the kite beach. Juli chrisi and I tried our first starts with the board on water. At 18:30 o‘clock we went back home by car and had Dinner. It was a nice day.☀ -Lisa-
Day 10
New Kiters  Christoph and Julian finished their Kitecourse yesterday, so today was their first day without a kite-teacher. Lisa took two more hours with a new teacher because her last teacher couldn’t explain it to her. She also thinks that her new teacher is very attractive. The boys started really good and they rode in and out like young pros. Lisa made also a big step and she rode some meters by herself. -Basti-
Day 11
Today we spend our afternoon at dimitries Watersport school.(He is one of Bernd's greece friends) Juli, Chrisi and Lisa drove the first time with the tubes. The first round wasn't as fast as the second one  but they all did it very well. We all lost at least one time the grip from the tube and fell into the water. Also the Boys tried to drive with one or with out hands. Of course they fell, but we all had a lot of fun. -Laura-Marie-
Day 12
Today was no-wind programm again, so we went back to the watersportschool and did some wakesurfing. We, the older ones did it already two years ago, did some warm-up turns and then we tried 360° on the water, but we all failed. After us, the smaller ones tried their best. Chrissi and Juli had a little advantage because of their wakeboard sessions and got some new balance impacts. Lisa got some problems with the start, but also managed to get up and did some turns.       -Matthäus-
Day 13
And again, a day without wind here.  So we decided to go cliffdiving. There is a really nice spot near the watersportschool. Lisa suprised us with her courage because she dived from 14 meter. It seemed like she had a lot of fun! The others also dived from the 14 meter cliff only Pinki jumped from the highest point ( kinda 18 meters ). -Carmen-
Finally ...
"In my opinion it was one of the best holidays, because we did things i haven't done before. Thank you bernd! And of course thank you Conny!!" -Julian- "I wouldn't have kite so long, if the food wasn't that good. Thank you conny & bernd" -Matthäus- "Paros is like an own little world... i love it!" -Carmen- "kali spera! the camp was awesome ? the commitment and humanity the group showed were gorgeous and as well the young-guns pushed each other to their limits. it was a pleasure to share so much nice time with you ? finally the biggest thanks to you bernd and conny for making dreams came true ! efharisto para poli" -uschi & luki- "Although I was far away from home I felt comfortable cause I had people around me who made me feel happy. Thank you Conny&bernd" -Chrissi- "I would stay 2 more weeks all in all it was an amazing camp thanks Conny & Bernd" -Basti- "Thanks for every moment it was an amazing time" -Laura-Marie- "The best way to share our time with people we love!" -B&C-